Safety First

Manage Safety Like A Pro

WYVERN’s state-of-art SMS software enables service providers with the tools and framework to professionally manage risk in a way that meets the following standards:

  • ISO 31000, Risk Management
  • ICAO Annex 19, Safety Management
  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Safety Management System Voluntary Program
  • European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), Safety Management Requirements
  • Transport Canada, Safety Management Requirements
  • Safety Management International Collaboration Group (SMICG), SMS Evaluation Protocol
Safety Management


The SMICG was founded by the FAA, EASA, and Transport Canada Civil Aviation and is a joint cooperation between 19 regulatory authorities and/or governing bodies around the world for the purpose of promoting a common understanding of safety management and Safety Management System (SMS) principles and requirements, facilitating their implementation across the international aviation community.

TWR + SIR = Informed Decisions

The Wingman Report (TWR) is a directory of audited charter operators who meet the rigorous requirements of The Wingman Standard, the industry-leading safety standard that far exceeds regulatory requirements.

The Safety Intelligence Report (SIR) gives you everything you need to research and make informed charter decisions. Use WYVERN’s web-based information service to access certificate information, Operations Specifications, fleet listings, pilot rosters, insurance, and accident/incident data. The SIR provides the most current data in the industry enabling you to perform due diligence and thorough risk analysis.